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What is Exterior Design?

Answer: Think Interior Design but for your outdoor living spaces.
Exterior Design is an approach to new construction and remodels that combines the traditional practices of landscape design, architectural design, furniture layouts and décor selections into a cohesive vision for a properties outdoor spaces. 

What is included in a standard design contract?

Answer: Ever project is different. Drew will work with you to define the scope and scale of your design before the design process begins.

Answer: Your design documents include a 2D masterplan plan of the designed space, this scaled drawing includes material callouts and key details for elements such as pools, entertainment walls, structures and landscaping. Depending on the details of your design contract, you may also receive 3D renderings or elevation detail drawings.
Drew does NOT include engineering drawings for his work. If engineered drawings are needed, Drew will direct you to the individuals locally he recommends that can produce these plans from his design. 

I live in Landfall. Can Drew submit the plans to the Landfall ARC and handle the approval process for me?

Answer: Yes Drew can handle the ARC/HOA submittal. Drew has experience successfully submitting pool, landscape, deck, and architectural adjustment plans to Landfall ARC and many of the other HOA's and municipalities in the Wilmington Area.
If submittal to an HOA, ARC or CAMA is required for implementation of the plans this service can be added to the scope of work in the design contract. 
Depending on the details of the project, Drew may direct you to work directly with your contractor or installer on this.

What if I do not like the design or my HOA/ARC or CAMA does not approve the design?

Answer: There is a possibility you will not like the design Drew does for you. Rest assured that Drew will work with you to revise the design as needed to meet your individual taste and expectations. Revisions are included in every design estimate.
It is also not always possible to foresee all objections the City, CAMA, HOA, ARC or even a neighbor may have to a design. Within reason Drew will continue to work with you or your contractor on revisions necessary to receive approval and keep the project moving forward.   

Does Drew do on site project managment?

Answer: Yes, Drew can be hired to oversee the installation and be your advocate throughout the installation process to help ensure no details overlooked.
However, Drew is not a licensed contractor and his participation in the installation process is limited to esthetic considerations and best practices recommendations.

Holmgren Luxury Exterior Design Wilmington NC

Don't let the details get lost in the process.
Drew can help you manage your team and keep the vision alive throughout the installation of the design.

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